From the Minister

From the Minister

Last week, one of my friends in the Washington DC area posted a photo of a blooming crocus, and wrote “Spring is Springing!” It’s amazing to see these tiny flowers coming out from the ground that early. I could not see the same around my house, I only saw dry trees and yellow grass. So I decided to further investigate this past Tuesday in Erwin. While I was walking around our beloved church, I was able to spot a few tree’s buds and more birds. Spring is also coming although it might be on a slower base.

Springtime reflects the resurrection. In Spring, the Lord brings new life to his creation. Trees will have leaves, grass will become green, flowers will rise up, birds will come back. Nature shows God’s hope and power to bring dead things to life. Winter will not last forever (unless you live with Santa Claus in the North Pole!). These days, God shows us the resurrection in our backyard!

In this month, we will celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, our ultimate hope. In the resurrection, God created us a new creation, gave us eternal life, and proclaimed his kingdom among us. During Lent, we prepare our hearts and minds to recognize the power of Jesus’s resurrection in our life. This power can turn death to life, declining to growth, and despair to hope.

We need to take time this month, and walk outside our homes and offices. We have to look at nature and see God’s creating power taking place. We shall allow our Lord to restore us, refresh our hope, and renew our strength.

Finally, I would like to share with you a great news. On March 3, we will welcome six new members to the church: Don Mondor, Patricia Casey Mondor, Cora Young, Laurie Weider, Tony Weider, and Carleigh Snyder. I had the pleasure to sit with them in a new membership class during February, and it was a rich experience for all of us. Please pray for them and share your welcome.   

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Ramy

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