From the Minister

From the Minister

Jesus and his followers were Jews, accustomed to worshiping on Saturday, and viewed the Jerusalem Temple as the most holy place. The New Testament tells us that they went to worship on Saturday, and they went to the temple on the major Jewish holidays. And yet, Jesus challenged this concept during his ministry when he cleansed the Temple. For him, the Temple system was corrupt and in need of replacing. When he acted to purify this system, the Jews asked him, “What sign can you show us to prove your authority to do all this?” He told them, “Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days.” And of course, he meant his death and resurrection (John 2:13-22). His resurrection was not only the sign of his authority to change the system, but also to announce the beginning of a new system, a new creation. In this newness, God’s worship includes everyone and takes place everywhere.

It is no wonder that Christians worship on Sunday everywhere on this earth. We celebrate Jesus’s resurrection –the new creation– which remolds us. Jesus’s resurrection can be seen in two actual events: the empty tomb and the appearances. Thus, we will carefully study the resurrection elements in the Gospel of John to understand their present and future power in our life. We will be amazed by reading these incidents with a fresh eye. In the “Transformed by the Resurrection” sermon series, we will see how the resurrection has transformed early Christians and can transform us today from sadness to hope, fear to courage, unbelief to confidence, and denial to obedience.

Please come as you are to experience the impact of Jesus’s resurrection. Don’t forget to invite your family, friends, and neighbors who might need this transforming message for their lives!  

Finally, I would like to share two special news items:

1) We had a great joint event: Easter Egg Hunt and Spring Potluck on Sunday March 24. We had around 100 people: 50 visitors and 50 members! Events like this will help us better serve our community, especially young families with kids. These events will also deepen our fellowship in Christ. Thank you CORE, Christian Education, and Fellowship Committees for making this day!

2) We will have a three-week Bible study series, “Discover Your Joy: A Study on Philippians.” The goal of this study is to cultivate joy in our life regardless of all circumstances. We have printed invitations in the narthex and in the church office which can be used for inviting other people and organizations. Please help us share the gospel’s joy.        

Enjoy the hope of Jesus’s resurrection!

Pastor Ramy

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