Rev. Dr. Ramy N. Marcos

Rev. Dr. Ramy N. Marcos

Introducing Dr. Ramy N. Marcos, a distinguished scholar and minister, whose diverse background and expertise have shaped his remarkable journey.

Dr. Marcos completed his undergraduate studies at Cairo University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy. Following his passion for theology, he pursued his education at the renowned Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo, the official Egyptian Presbyterian Seminary of the Synod of the Nile. During his time there, he delved into an intriguing thesis entitled “The Gospel of Mary and the Question of Dependency on the Gospel of John”.

Continuing his pursuit of knowledge and spiritual growth, Dr. Marcos was granted a scholarship to attend Yale Divinity School, where he obtained his Masters degree. Eager to expand his academic prowess, he went on to earn a PhD from Hartford International University.

Dr. Marcos is a prolific writer, having authored numerous scholarly papers. Additionally, he has a book pending publication, which explores the emergence of evangelism in Egypt, shedding light on its historical and cultural significance. His contributions to the academic community have garnered admiration and recognition.

Alongside his scholarly pursuits, Dr. Marcos has served as a Minister of the Presby Church, fulfilling his calling to guide and inspire his congregation. Moreover, he has also shared his wealth of knowledge as a professor, imparting wisdom and cultivating a passion for theology among his students.

Dr. Marcos possesses a remarkable linguistic repertoire. He is proficient in Modern Languages such as Arabic, encompassing reading, writing, and speaking, as well as French at a reading level. In addition, he has expertise in Ancient and Classical Languages including Arabic, Biblical Greek, Biblical Hebrew, and Syriac, allowing him to delve into the rich texts and traditions of ancient theological writings.

Dr. Ramy N. Marcos embodies the perfect blend of academic excellence, pastoral dedication, and multilingual proficiency. His contributions to the field of theology and his commitment to serving others have positioned him as a remarkable scholar and minister in his community and beyond.