Here are links to some of our videos on YouTube.

“Lifting Up 2-19-21” is a video sermon on Mark 9:33-37.  Our Lord sets us free from the need to put people down.

Willis Jones’ magnificent photos of East Tennessee waterfalls provide a backdrop for this reflection on the Christian life. The scripture is James 3:7-12.

St. James gives us some correction and direction.  “Rich in Faith 9-5-21” is a reflection on James 2:1-5.

“Hearers, Doers 8-29-21” is a reflection from the first chapter of the Epistle of James.  The apostle exhorts us to “be doers of the word and not hearers only.”

Sherry Roser’s summer flowers grace this reflection on the concluding chapter of the letter to the Ephesians.

Willis Jones’ magnificent photos of the East Tennessee mountains provide a background for reflection on the Bread of Life, John 6:51, 58.

Lauralee Webster has taken close-ups of spring and summer flowers to grace this sermon on divine election and the sacraments.

You will enjoy Carol Riggs’ outstanding photos in this week’s video, “Bread from Heaven 8-1-21.”  The scripture is from the Bread of Life discourse in John 6.

Karen Gentry’s lovely photos of Lake Watauga provide a background for this reflection on a scene by the Sea of Galilee in Mark 6.  The topic is health, wholeness and salvation.

“A Plumb Line 7-11-21” is a reflection on God’s judgment in Amos 7:7-8.

Keith Whitson has captured American flags flying as a  background for this reflection on the Christian mission.  The scripture reading is Mark 6:7-13.

Karen Gentry’s photos of ocean sunrises provide a background for this reflection on the Sacrament of Baptism.  The scripture reading is Isaiah 43:1.

Our scripture for Father’s Day recalls the hardships and triumph of the Apostle Paul.  Joyce Roser Abbott has provided photos of spring flowers.

The anointing of David gives us a snapshot of what is happening at our baptism. Lauralee Webster has provided photos of flowers emerging in early spring.

This message, “A King 6-6-21” captures a moment in the life of the prophet Samuel.  The people are demanding a king.  Samuel and God are not happy.  As you listen you will enjoy Carol Rigg’s photos of spring flowers.

“Seeing God 5-30-21” is a reflection on the Holy Trinity based on the vision in Isaiah 6:1-8.  Thanks to Lauralee Webster for the lovely photos of neighborhood irises.

Psalm 104 gives us words to express our wonder at God’s creation, and God’s providence.  “We Are Created 5-23-21” is a reflection for the Day of Pentecost.  The flowers are from Ann Howze’s garden.

“Eternal Life 5-16-21” is a reflection on getting into heaven. The scripture is 1 John 5:11-13.

“Vine, Branches, Fruit 5-2-21” is a reflection on John 15:1-8.  To view the video on a larger screen, go to my channel, Stanley N. Webster.

“This Hope 4-18-21” is a reflection on 1 John 3:1-3.

The epistle for the 2nd Sunday of Easter is the beginning of 1 John.  “Eternal Life 4-11-21” is the title of my reflection.  I took the background photos in the sanctuary of Erwin Presbyterian Church on Easter Monday.

Carol Riggs’ vibrant spring flowers grace this meditation on Mark 16:1-8, “Amazed 4-4-21.”  Have an amazing Easter!

The title of my video meditation for Good Friday is “Take Up the Cross 4-2-21.”

Lauralee Webster has captured the first signs of spring in photographs, giving us a backdrop for our meditation on a powerful parable about moving through death into life.  You can view “Through Death into Life 3-21-21 on your larger screen by going to my channel, Stanley N. Webster.

Sherry Roser’s awesome photos of the winter forest flash by as I reflect with you on the gospel in a nutshell.

Ever wonder why your ordinarily calm and collected Lord would fashion a home-made whip and drive everyone out of a worship service?  Maybe my video sermon “Impassioned Living 3-7-20” will help you understand.

Click this link to view a reflection on the beginnings of faith—the story of Abraham and Sarah.

Photographer Sherry Roser shows us beauty in the winter forest.  The photos serve as background for a meditation on the soul being strengthened in the wilderness.

Watch North Indian Creek flowing in the background as we meditate on the Transfiguration of the Lord.

Sherry Roser’s spectacular photos of ice-covered plants give a visual background for this reflection on the work that disciples do, inspired by the Galilean ministry of Jesus.

My video sermon January 31responds to a comment by a college student visiting the sanctuary of a church for the first time:  “Awesome!  What do you guys do here?”

 Sherry Roser’s photos of the snow give the background for this 9-minute sermon on following Jesus Christ.  To see it on your large screen, go to YouTube and search for my channel, “Stanley N. Webster.”

This 8-minute video shows Lauralee’s photos of the snow we had back at Thanksgiving. My sermon is on John 1, where Jesus finds his disciples and they spread the good news.

This 6-minute video is a reflection on Christian baptism.  In the background are videos of Rocky Fork Creek.

In this 9-minute video sermon on Matthew 2, the Wise Men show us how to navigate a dangerous world with joy.

“The Light Shines” is my video sermon for the 1st Sunday of Christmas. In the background are photos of Christmas ornaments by Joyce Abbott.

I hope you will enjoy these Christmas scripture readings, with carols sung by Gina True Hudson and photos of Erwin Presbyterian Church (decorated for Christmas) taken by Keith Whitson. To view on a large screen, go to YouTube and search for my channel, “Stanley N. Webster.”  The title is “Scriptures and Carols 12-20-20.”

Lauralee Webster’s photos of Christmas tree ornaments form the backdrop for this 9-minute reflection on the joyful witness of John the Baptist. To see the photos on your TV or computer or I-Pad, go to YouTube and search for my channel: Stanley N. Webster. Here is the link:
The first verses of Mark’s Gospel are the focus of my 9-minute video sermon for the 2nd Sunday of Advent, December 6. Here is the link:

A new year in the church’s calendar starts with a vision of the end.  Here is my 9-minute video sermon for the 1st Sunday of Advent—November 29. Joyce Abbott shows us some splendid close-ups of the fall leaves.  Her vivid colors are even better on a large screen, so try going to YouTube on your TV or computer.  Search for my channel, “Stanley N. Webster.”

Our Lord Jesus, facing the end of his earthly life, gives us a picture of who he is, what he stands for, and who he stands with.  Keith Whitson has provided some spectacular fall scenes for this 9-minute video, The Least & the King.”    To view it on your TV, go to YouTube and search Stanley N. Webster.

The Parable of the Talents shows us kingdom living toward the future.  Here is the link.  Photos are by Willis Jones. To view them on your TV screen, go toYouTube and search Stanley N. Webster, or the title “Well Done 11_15_20.”

Our Lord Jesus talks to us about how we should live our days on earth:  as preparation for joy in eternity.  Here is the link to my video sermon for November 8, “Into the Joy.”  Sherry Roser’s photos show us fall colors in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Here is the link for this week’s video sermon, “Communion of Saints.”

Here is the link to my video sermon for October 25, “Son of David, Son of God 10_25_20. Sherry Roser’s photos of fall in Blacksburg, Virginia are beautiful on a large screen.  On your TV, go to You Tube and enter the channel name “Stanley N. Webster.”

Here is the link to my video sermon for October 18, “Give Back 10_18_20.”

Here is the link for my video sermon for October 11, “No to Anxiety.”

Here is the link to my video sermon, “We are Tenants 10_4_20.”

Here is my video sermon for September 27, “The Right Way 9_27_20.”

Here is the link for my video sermon for Sunday,  September 20.

Here is my video sermon for Sunday, September 13.

Here is my video sermon for September 6, “God Lives at the Church.”

Here is a link to my video sermon for August 30, “On Track 8_30_20.”  The photos are wildflowers by our friend, Willis Jones. Before viewing the video, please read Matthew 16:21-28

Here is my video sermon for August 23, “Heaven & Earth Connected.”

Here is my video sermon for August 16, “A Pleasant Planting” 8_16_20.

Here is today’s video sermon, “Together Again.”

Here is a video message (8 minutes long) on a favorite parable.

Instead of a video sermon for July 26, I am sending these scripture readings that resonate with “A Walk at Rocky Fork.”

Here is my video sermon for July 19.  I know you will enjoy Willis Jones’ breathtaking  photos of our beloved mountains.

Here is my video sermon for July 12, a prophecy of salvation from Isaiah 55.

Here is my video sermon for July 5, “Perfect Freedom.”

Here is the link for my video sermon “Receiving God,” for June 28

Here is my Father’s Day sermon on Romans 6, “Crown and Cross.”

My 8-minute sermon video for June 14 is “Two Sacraments,” based on Matthew 28:16-20 and 1 Corinthians 11:23-26.

The Glory of the Holy Trinity” for Trinity Sunday, June 7, 2020. .

Here is my video sermon “Living Water” for the Day of Pentecost, May 31, 2020.

Here is my video sermon for the 7th Sunday of Easter.  The photos are of the flowers in Ann Howze’s yard.

Here is my 10-minute video sermon for the 6th Sunday of Easter, “Not Alone.”

I hope you will enjoy this video sermon for Mothers’ Day, “The Happiness,” on Psalm 84:5-7.  Illustrations are from the Memoirs of Alice Cornelia O’Brien Jones, wife of the founding pastor of Erwin Presbyterian Church.

Here is my video sermon for May 3, “Walk with the Shepherd.”

Attention, lovers of the Erwin Linear Trail:  This week Stan’s video sermon has pictures he took for you there.  Here is the link for his  sermon for 4/26/20, “Into the Glory.”  “

Here is my video sermon for the 2nd Sunday of Easter, “The Life of Jesus In Us.”

The Lord is risen!  He is risen indeed! Here is my Easter message on John 20:1-18, “The New Life of the Lifted Up.”

Here is a YouTube link to my Good Friday sermon on John 19:25-30. If you want to search past sermons, you can search StanWebster (with no space) in the YouTube search bar.

Forward Into God’s Great Design Please enjoy Rev. Webster’s Palm Sunday audio message.

What a friend!  Here is an 8-minute audio message with a short, but powerful conversation between Martha and her friend Jesus Christ.  Photos of Erwin Presbyterian Church will give you something to look at while you listen.


Vacation Bible School – June 2016

Choir member Valerya Hyrne solo

Gina Hudson and Dean Masters duet

Gail Hood solo

Easter 2019 anthem