From the Interim Pastor | A New Year

From the Interim Pastor | A New Year

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in creating a faithful, beautiful, and joyful season at Erwin Presbyterian Church. From the Harvest Festival on November 20 through Worship on Christmas Day, we were blessed with six weeks of excellent worship, events and activities, with the building decorated wonderfully. This doesn’t just happen on its own, of course. Abundant thanks to all who helped make it happen.

On a personal note, thanks as well for your encouraging, kind, and generous regard for Betty and me during the holidays. It’s been a privilege and pleasure for us to share this season with you.

I recently came across an item on theĀ Crosswalk website, in which writer Britt Mooney suggest five New Year’s Resolutions for Christians. As we move into 2023, we may be wise to consider these purposes:

  • Stay connected with your local faith community.
  • Remain flexible and open to what God is doing.
  • Slow down; take time to rest.
  • Speak the life of the Gospel into the chaos of this world.
  • Love your neighbors.

These aren’t specific and measurable goals, of course. like New Year’s resolutions typically are, but they propose Biblical ways of approaching each new day of the year.

May you and those you love, and may Erwin Presbyterian Church, be blessed with all good graces and tender mercies in 2023.


See you in church!

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